HD Tease Dedicated Softcore Site Added

sc-hdteaseAs the adult Internet space continues its longstanding trend towards a more hardcore delivery, there is more pressure than ever on adult site owners to follow suit. However, some sites and networks have continued to thrive with their softcore offering(s). One of these networks is the Only Tease Network (OTN).

The OTN success can be largely attributed to its unique blend of delivering fresh faces and an extremely tasteful display of models in varying states of undress, whether it is non-nude or fully nude, and all points in between. With a predominant focus on lingerie, stockings, nylons and pantyhose, it is not exactly rocket science to understand why they enjoy such an enviable foothold in the adult space.

As an extension of their network, we’ve created a site, HDTease.com, that showcases their various styles and shoots. The website provides information on the various sites within the OTN, details some of the benefits for members and, of course, offers image and gallery samples to highlight the quality one can expect.

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