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Our NetworkOverview

The LemmeCheck Adult Network (LMCAN) is best described as an extended network, subdivided into sites of specific styles that includes Blogs, TGPs, Gallery Sites, Contextually Driven Sites, and more.

Our network is built on a foundation of aged, well-established, strongly indexed sites and are hosted on premium Enterprise Grade server hardware with redundancy and include dedicated ARIN-justified IP blocks. Each site within our network is designed to target specific demographics, sites and content styles.

Network Traffic

Traffic across our network properties exceeds two million unique visitors per month, the majority of it consisting of that from search engines, targeted link exchanges, social networks, bookmarks, and in-house network traffic.

We do not “skim” or “trade” traffic. We provide an environment that fosters a positive surfer experience which, in turn, leads to strong user retention rates and social network “mentions”, word of mouth recommendations, and a demographic that consistently trusts our recommendations.

Simply put, our sites are well indexed, aged, and relevant.

Network Traffic Demographics

While various user demographics are certainly subject to fluctuation, some indicators remain consistent. The bulk of our traffic — 60% —  is comprised of what is generally accepted as “Premium Countries” among media buyers (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France and Australia, not specifically in that order). Traffic from the USA is approximately 1 million users per month.

Our mobile traffic is also growing considerably each month. Presently, our mobile traffic is consistently between 250,000 and 300,000 users per month.

User Demographics

As of our last traffic audit, our network is comprised of a mostly male-dominated demographic (72%), with some college education, in the 18-34  and 35-49 age groups respectively, and in a middle income range.

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