Example navlinksOverview

NavTabs provide a premium variation of text link advertising. This type of link is located within an area shared by contextual navigation elements and, thus, included on each page of the site.

The result is that these links will provide some traffic as well as providing an optimal position of your  text link’s exposure within a given page’s structure and hierarchy.

This a very effective form of brand exposure  and can be purchased across all sites within our network, subject to availability.


  • These links are located in the primary, visible navigational area of the site (top of site or top sidebar);
  • These links are sitewide, meaning they appear on all pages of the site;
  • These links allow for maximum visibility;
  • These links will deliver some traffic;
  • These links are available on a per site basis;

Example Usage

  • Text link to a specific site or blog
  • Text link for a mobile category about a specific model or pornstar
  • Text link to a tube site category about a specific model, pornstar, or niche
  • Text link to a video theater about a specific model or pornstar
  • Text link to a review site page about a solo site, niche site, etc.
  • Text link to a whitelabel site

Pricing and Availability

We offer a variety of sites and packages to suit most budgets. As our inventory is constantly changing, we would encourage you to Contact Us for full details on pricing and availability of all of our openings.