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Welcome to our webmaster reference center. Within this section, our intention is to assist webmasters in locating the tools and resources that our years of combined experience have proven to be successful for us. Additionally, this section will provide direct links and information to take advantage of our own services.

Browse each section below to take advantage of the item(s) of most interest to you.

Link Exchange

We offer link exchanges for most of our sites, albeit not all of them. It is important to note that we do not participate in link schemes and other methods of circumventing control measures in place at the various search engines. Thus, we only allow link exchanges that are relevant to the site, and only permit a straight forward link exchange. (AB only — no ABC or ABCD, etc). If you require one-way links, then please review our available advertising options.

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Sponsors and Affiliate Programs

One of the most important aspects of any online marketer is to develop solid business relationships with products, sites, services and sponsors that help them achieve financial success. It is important to note that what works for one site will not necessarily work for another site. As a result, webmasters should identify their demographic and choose sponsors which compliment their chosen niche. The following are sites that have worked for us and are consistent performers with reliable payouts.

Unofficial Script Support

Far too often we hear of exploits, or support related issues regarding scripts that were otherwise widely used, but now lack any official updates or support. It is our thought to provide a meeting place of minds and experienced individuals allowing peer-to-peer support along with tips and tricks. It’s never a bad thing to expand one’s knowledge.

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Webmaster Resources

As a matter of both consistency and efficiency, additional Webmaster Tools and Information may be found on our Webmaster Board. In this way, we are better able to centralize all pertinent information while allowing for meaningful peer-to-peer interaction. Please click here to visit our Webmaster Board.