Resources for Adult Professionals


When it comes to recommending sites, products and services, it can sometimes be a bit of a contentious issue in that what may be productive for one entity may not necessarily work for another. With that said, we have been in this business a long time and can certainly make recommendations based on experience. For convenience and organizational reasons, we’ve separate the resources into specific sections below.

Consumer Confidence and Trust is a trust seal provider that generates improved conversion ratios and additional traffic, simply by allowing sites to monetize their existing ethical behavior. The seals have already gotten more than 1.7 billion views and are visible on many leading sites in adult and mainstream.

Major review sites also note in their reviews which sites have become WebsiteSecure certified which enhances review traffic and can also provide a lift in affiliate webmaster traffic as well. The small service fee covers the cost of site inspections, test joins and monitoring while the greater conversion ratios make it a profitable addition to pretty much any website join page.

Graphic Design — Our first experience with this company was in 2008, and it quickly became apparent that MyAdultDesign would be our primary choice for graphics work going forward.

Beyond providing stunning, original designs, logos, headers, and anything else we need(ed), this company has always exceeded in everything we have ordered. When you add in the great customer service, courtesy, professionalism, and the affordable pricing, MyAdultDesign provides a winning combination and should be on everyone’s short list of graphic designers to work with.

SEO Services — Without question, this is one of the premiere services for receiving professional text copy created specifically for your adult product, site or service. The emphasis here is on adherence to legitimate guidelines as set forth by the search engines themselves while providing the type of text and structure required for success.

The service here is courteous, the staff knowledgeable,  and the level of professionalism stellar. When combined with favorable pricing, this one is hard to beat and is well worth the visit. — This is a company formed to assist webmasters and site owners alike overcome the common mistakes often created as a result of misinformation perpetuated by the proliferation of inexperienced people and outdated articles, of which there are many.

This is a no-nonsense, albeit very thorough, approach created by a very experienced individual within the adult webspace.

 Traffic and Exposure — As the industry has evolved, so has the traffic and advertising format(s). However, not all companies are alike in this respect. The team at Rebel-Ads has performed numerous tasks and duties for us over the years, whether it was arranging contact with other industry executives, or for traffic and advertising buys. They are flexible, easy to work with and, more importantly, deliver results.

Whether you are seeking popup ads, mobile traffic, hardlinks, social network exposure by real industry professionals (including popular models and pornstars), tube traffic, banner and/or media buys, or simple CPM/CPC advertising, be sure to include this company on your short list.

Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, it is a very personal thing. Some people like a specific host, others do not.  And no matter who you ask, everyone will have their own opinion. Since it is virtually impossible for us to recommend any given host without knowing specific details of your requirements, doing so would certainly leave out some hosts that indeed deserve recognition. For this reason, we can only offer our opinion on the host we use and trust. — For the last several years, we’ve trusted our business to Ubiquity Servers. Certainly they are not amongst the discussion of adult boards, and thus largely go unnoticed there, but they have proven to be a very reliable host who have always gone above and beyond for us anytime we needed. From custom server configurations to replacement hardware, IP allocations and upgrade migration paths to larger servers as needed, UB has allowed us to grow our infrastructure while remaining very affordable.

It is, however, important to note that we use their unmanaged server options, and thus, cannot comment on neither the managed servers options nor their cloud options. That said, our experience with the unmanaged servers leads us to believe that we would experience the same level of commitment and quality support regardless of the option(s) chosen. If you are in the market for a new dedicated server and can provide your own server administration functions, then give this company a look and request a custom quote. It also would not hurt to inquire about their cloud hosting options.

Other Hosts — There are numerous hosts that are popular among adult sites and webmasters, including such notables as National Net, MojoHost, AmeriNoc and Certified Hosting, to name but a very few companies. It is always best to thoroughly research the company you are entrusting with your livelihood.

Webmaster Communities — We would be remiss to not mention our own webmaster community. Ours, however, is unlike most adult communities in that ours is more focused on peer-to-peer assistance among webmasters, especially as it pertains to common scripts used on adult sites, both past and present. — This is not only a webmaster discussion forum, but is effectively the adult social network. That is, Xbiz is a peer-to-peer community of adult professionals engage in discussions that affect the industry. It is, without question, one of the most professional communities in the adult web space and a definite site to join.

Medium Pimpin BBS — this board has a lot of experienced adult webmasters, but is also very welcoming to those with little to no experience in the adult industry. It is predominantly geared towards the affiliates, though there are a number of site owners and content producers.

Other Communities: there are certainly other communities out there that cater to adult. However, the two mentioned above should provide a great starting point for anyone involved in the adult industry.