Topical and Specialty Sites


As our network expands, and the adult itself evolves, we are also exploring other areas and niches where we can deliver our focus and content delivery. This section will highlight these new and exciting ventures for us as we invite you to visit them and enjoy them as with our other sites.

Adult Net NewsAdult Net News

While certainly utilitarian in nature, our Adult Net News site is designed specifically to be lightweight and highly functional. The site updates multiple times throughout the day, seven days a week, and aggregates updates from our various content driven sites, thus providing headlines and brief summaries of the specific content update itself. It is designed for quick loading across multiple devices and platforms, from mobile to desktop.

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sm-livevixensLive Vixens

As our Live Cams site portfolio continues to expand, it is effectively becoming it’s very own sub-network. We have decided to treat as such and, thus, have created a site that acts as a news and updates outlet to keep current users of our cam sites up-to-date, as well as introduce others to Cam Sites. The site is aptly named, Live Vixens, and is a virtual showcase of our cam sites and provides some highlights of our top webcam models.

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