Thumbnail Gallery Posts and Gallery Archives


For most of the decade between 1998 and 2008, Thumbnail Gallery Posts were a very popular source of traffic and revenues. A lot of money was generated through these types of sites. As “tube sites” came more onto the scene, several took advantage of the new traffic format and TGP’s largely went by the wayside. While perhaps not the traffic and cash cow they once were, TGP’s are still certainly a worthwhile investment for backlinks, brand exposure and some traffic.

Our TGP based sites are all non-skim. This means your link is visible and not through any script that redirects a percentage of the clicks anywhere else. Any clicks go direct to your gallery, which is effectively a full page advertisement for your content.

Branding and Site Recognition

Over the years, our experience has taught us the importance of branding. Having sites that are readily identifiable by our visitors immediately puts them at ease knowing they can browse our various with confidence and without fear of malware  or getting “skimmed” or tricked into visiting a site when they expected to see a gallery. Having our sites branded to a common feel has afforded us the luxury of having a very loyal demographic of users.

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