Social Network and Pin Sites


The popularity of social networking has effectively revolutionized the way we view content online, and certainly a few notable sites have garnered the popularity most start-up ventures can only dream about. Many of our readers expressed an interest is us providing a service that follows in the foot steps of some of the more popular social network sites. Our current lineup is listed on this page.

Babe BulletinBabe Bulletin

A relatively new addition to our network in 2012, Babe Bulletin has quickly gained a following of consistent users and enjoys strong visitor retention. This site is predominantly focused on the softcore niche and, specifically, is more inclined to the babe, glamour and pinup style softcore content. At present, it enjoys a steady progression of indexed pages daily.

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Babe PressBabe Press

Created in 2004, Babe Press is a site that has seen it’s share of changes over the years, beginning as a simple blog and evolving to one of our popular “pin style” sites. This site is updated frequently with fresh content and is heavily focused on the softcore niche, although there are some more explicit photos included as well.

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Pornstar PostPornstar Post

Added to our network in the latter part of 2012, Pornstar Post was created with the focus of pornstars, and models engaging in activity that is considered “pornstar style”. The content here is rather explicit and is presented in a social themed site that is familiar in function to today’s savvy social media surfer. This site performs very well for its intended purpose and targeted demographic.

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Vixen ReportVixen Report

A well-established site, created in 2006, Vixen Report has emerged as one of our most reliable sites for sales. Modeled in the same vein as a very popular pin site, it provides regularly updated links and direct galleries featuring a mix of hardcore and softcore content.

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