Erotic Stories Added to

Erotic Fantasy and StoriesThere is something very sensual about literary erotica in a way that cannot be duplicated by video. There is an element of fantasy that only the written word can evoke and cannot be described unless read.

Over the years, several readers have suggested we consider this aspect of adult entertainment. To that end, we are pleased to announce the addition of a dedicated Erotic Stories section on our main site,

Throughout the last several months, we have evaluated several writers and have hand picked several who, quite frankly, can create a textual fantasy of arousal with words. From time to time, we may accept guest editors, but our core group of talented writers provide some incredible intimate erotica.

The addition of this new section follows the mindset we have of always offering our readers the highest quality adult experience we can possibly deliver. As always, our attention to quality and detail will always remain.

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