TGP Partner Accounts


As our network continues to thrive, we have made available very limited accounts by which other webmasters, clients and program owners can submit their galleries and have them archived across our network.

Unlike traditional TGP sites, ours is neither all text, nor all thumbnails. Rather, we have designed our network’s sites such that they act and perform like blogs. This ensures each site continues to deliver quality search engine traffic while appealing to surfers as well. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Traffic Notes

We do not skim or “trade” traffic, and we do not purchase traffic for this network. Our network’s entire traffic base consists of quality link exchanges, our own network traffic, and search engine traffic.

Because we focus more on quality of traffic versus quantity, you will not receive the same volume of traffic that a skim TGP would send. This is traffic from our site archives.

Your traffic levels from this network depends entirely on the models/pornstars for whom you are submitting galleries. The key to gaining the most traffic from our network is to submit galleries to models for whom we have dedicated categories. You are effectively building up your archives online.

Where Your Galleries Appear

Generally speaking, your galleries will appear on our Thumbnail Gallery Posts and Gallery Archives sites.

However, it also largely depends on the quality of your gallery, and the niche / preview thumb you provide as part of your submission. Our sites range from aged searchable portals to sites dedicated to various niches. Each day our sites are updated and pull galleries from the entire database and distribute them across our network of gallery sites. Thus, the more galleries you have in this database, the greater your opportunity to have them displayed.

Submission Rules

The usual rules apply, but specifically:

  • do not redirect or change your galleries after submission;
  • galleries are checked daily — redirecting will result in deletion and/or suspension;
  • all thumbs must link to a larger pic, and not to html pages;
  • no illegal galleries;
  • no teen, bdsm, extreme fetish, etc. Pornstars and models only please;
  • no celeb galleries;
  • all thumb previews must be softcore (the ones you submit to us, not the ones on your actual gallery);

What You Receive

  • Up to 5 gallery submissions per day would be considered reasonable;
  • If you follow the rules, all of your galleries get accepted and archived;
  • Your galleries will remain on the archives until they fall off the list, usually about 12 months;
  • If you do not renew your account, your galleries will still stay in our archives until they fall off the list;

Availability and Pricing

If you are interested in this type of exposure with us, please Please Contact Us with the name of your site and, if possible, some examples of the galleries you’ve submitted elsewhere.