Hard Text Links


Hard Text Links ExampleText links can be one of the most valuable tools to any site publisher, big box store, brand, or mom-and-pop retail outlet  interested in building up quality, relevant references to their site. Of particular importance, are static links, or “simple text links”. These types of links are not encoded via any script and are inserted statically into the site’s page(s).

The advantage of utilizing static text links is that they are easily followed and create a natural progression of information from one site to the next. The optimum type of link will be one that links to you from a relevant page, thus adding relevant inbound link(s) to your site. Further, it allows the surfer — and potential customer — to instantly recognize your brand and site domain name/url, thus aiding in consumer recognition for your website.

It is always preferable to choose sites that match your desired demographic and that complement your existing site’s information.

Refer to the image on the right for an example of link placement and location. The location of any text links or advertising message is based entirely on the style of site itself and the type of text link advertisement being purchased. The image sample is simply a general example and is provided for illustration purposes only.

Types of  Text Link Advertising Offered

We offer a variety of text link advertising styles, including, but not limited to: Main Index PageContextual, In-Content Add-ons, Niche Specific, Pornstar Specific and NavTabs. We are very flexible and able to accommodate most client requirements.

Location of Text Link Advertisements

All purchased placements on our sites are located in a designated section, usually within the content area, and are identified easily under the heading of Suggested Sponsored Sites or something similar. However, this is also largely dependent upon the type of text link advertisement purchased.

Inventory and Prices

We offer a variety of sites and packages to suit most budgets. As our inventory is constantly changing, we would encourage you to Contact Us full details on pricing and availability of all of our openings.