This is a very effective option for those wishing to associate their brands within the contextual presentation of an established website. Your site and/or brand is featured on a dedicated page that highlights your product, site or service and offers a variety of implementations.

Effectively, it is an advertising opportunity that is very limited in quantity, but high on effectiveness and quality.


Dedicated Pages — the content of these pages is exclusive to your site and brand. No other competitor’s advertising, service marks, brand names, etc will be present within the content of the pages. The entire purpose is to showcase what your site and brand has to offer.

Contextual Presentation — our dedicated editorial team will work with you to create a powerful, effective and highly relevant presentation that can include text and graphics, such as screencaps, to illustrate your site and/or brand.

Relevance — It is important to note that these are not used, nor will we permit them to be used, as a means of circumventing quality control measures in search engines. Rather we are providing a means of getting your quality site noticed and providing relevant information for both surfers and search engines alike. Taking an honest approach is not a bad thing.

General Requirements

It is very important to note that this option is limited to quality sites or brands. As these pages are dedicated, exclusive pages to your site, they are also part of our content and thus, a reflection on our company as well. If you have a quality brand, site or product that is relevant, then certainly we welcome the opportunity to discuss this option with you.
  1. All sites must be of high quality and offer a product or service that is related to adult industry and provides for a quality experience for the end user.
  2. At this time, we do not accept sites in the teen, BDSM, bondage, or extreme fetish niches. Also, we do not accept sites offering pharmaceuticals, weight loss and diet solutions, penis pills, off-topic sites, or borderline legal content. If in doubt, feel free to ask us.
  3. Sites with deceptive popups, dialers, auto downloads, malware and other such annoyances will not be accepted.

Pricing and Availability

These pages are offered on a very limited scale and are available as either an annual page or a permanent page. Please Contact Us for pricing and availability.