Blog Posts

Blog PostOverview

Contextual blog posts are some of the most effective methods of creating a relevant reference to a site, product or service — and even more so when created on a site that compliments the audience and demographics of the target site.

We have designated certain sites within our network to accommodate contextual blog posts, depending on the nature of the content itself.

Your product or service will be viewed within the context of our various site’s presentation, and available to be viewed our readers.

Editorial Staff

Our highly skilled editors will work directly with you to determine your target audience, and the message you wish to convey to our collective readers.

Our writers have more than 35 years experience in creating text rich messages that effectively deliver a highly relevant presentation that is appealing to both surfers and search engines alike.

Where Your Posts Get Placed

Depending on your target demographic and/or the nature of your content, your post will appear on the site we feel most appropriate to achieve the desired results.

Some of our sites include the post on their respective main index page, while other sites are designed to have them on an internal blog page. In either case, the ultimate effect is the same — targeted relevance with a structure favorable to search engine indexing and weight.

Feature Highlights

  • There are no recurring fees, you pay only once for each post;
  • Our editing staff will work you to create text copy that is effective;
  • We permit a maximum of 3 links within the context of a post, and a single image;
  • We reserve the right to review and edit any text copy, or request you to do so;

Pricing and Availability

Please Contact Us and we will gladly provide a quote for your specific needs or tailor create a specific campaign to help you achieve maximum ROI with us. When contacting us, please describe what you are looking for.