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The sites within this network are our primary network sites, which act as news and informational sites as well as provide updates for a variety of models and content producers within the adult entertainment industry.

LemmeCheck.comLemmeCheck Entertainment

Our flagship site, LemmeCheck is a popular, tasteful, adult entertainment portal website that showcases the work of some of today’s leading content producers, models and performers covering both well-known names as well as newcomers to the industry.

This site been online since 1999, and is very well indexed in search engines. This site alone receives over 1 million visitors per month, none of which is traded, skimmed, etc.

Presented in a magazine style format, LemmeCheck is ideally suited for showcasing models, pornstars and centerfolds (babes) in a contextual based setting, thus making it attractive to both surfers and search engines.

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LemmeCheck.xxxLemmeCheck XXX

Our Lemmecheck XXX site was officially launched to the public in early 2013 and has been met with a very positive growth rate that currently sees the site enjoying more than 500,000 real visitors per month — and growing. It has quickly risen to become one of our most consistent sales performers to date after such a relatively short time since its debut.

This site focuses entirely on the hardcore porn industry and showcases many models and pornstars engaging in a variety of sex acts. We showcase both hardcore porn images and xxx streaming videos here .

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sc-lemmecheckvideoLemmeCheck Video

As a natural extension of our already established brands, the next logical addition to our expanding brand is one dedicated purely to videos, video trailers and previews. Unlike “tube” sites, this site is designed to truly showcase each producer’s videos within a very effective contextual environment.

There is a mixture of everything here, from softcore glamour, to hardcore videos, but also includes behind the scenes type of content and video interviews. Although relatively new, we expect this site to perform just as well as our other properties.

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Naughty SirensNaughty Sirens

Launched in 2007, Naughty Sirens is a relatively new site for us, but quickly gaining ground as reliable traffic source showcasing various models and pornstars.

Surfers are finding the site to be a great resource to find some of the world’s most popular adult models and, as such, the amount of bookmark surfers here is a steadily increasing figure.

This site is a steady performer for us in terms of sales and a favorite destination among our network’s visitors.

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VIP VistaVIP Vista

With it’s debut back in 2002, VIP Vista began life as a little directory that has since evolved in a searchable directory of nude image and video galleries. It’s structure allows the user to browse by model name or even by way of the premium adult site whose content is being featured.

This is a very well structured site that has more than 10,000 indexed pages and has consistently produced sales since its launch more than a decade ago.

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